Let your creativity flow smoothly between Adstream and the Adobe Creative Suite

Let your creativity flow smoothly between Adstream and the Adobe Creative Suite

Thanks to our new integration with CI HUB, Adstream is now accessible directly within the Adobe Creative Suite. This easy-to-install plugin will revolutionise your working day by making your Adstream Projects and Library assets available in the relevant Adobe application, reducing wasted time and resources whilst minimising errors and delays.

Currently, brands and advertisers manage their digital assets through a myriad of different software packages, storage libraries and delivery providers – each designed to follow their own procedures and guidelines. This is time-consuming at best and downright confusing at worst, with high potential for error given so much chopping and changing between packages, platforms and protocols when working on a single file.

Adstream and CI HUB have teamed up to simplify the situation. The result of our integration is a powerful plugin which will bridge the gaps between storage, creativity and deployment across Adstream and the Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Adobe Creative Suite users can access all their files stored in Adstream’s Project and Library areas directly in the software packages. This will streamline processes, reducing wasted time and resources and decreasing errors and delays.

Product Features:

CI HUB for Adobe Creative Suite is easy to install
Users will log in using their CI HUB credentials.

Connection to all the Adobe Creative Suite Tools
Once installed, users can connect InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro directly to Adstream.

Access to Adstream’s Library and Projects
With a single authentication, users will have complete visibility of assets, files, folders, metadata and previews. The integration will respect all of Adstream’s permissions and roles.

One Central Dashboard for All Digital Assets
All assets, files, folders, and collections can be searched and located from the Navigation panel.

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